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Perfect Consulting is fusion of all the best in professional consultancy and software development that comes with two decades of working as a leading industry professional.

[NEWS] We have just started the process of uploading some of our older and more interesting work to GitHub. Please click the link and the bottom of the page to see what we have been upto.

[NEWS] We have just updated our website, please let us know what you think!. In keeping with our company policy we have chosen a classic retro design. We firmly believe less is more when it come to corporate websites. Please feel free to pop back from time-to-time as we will be adding new content each month.

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Perfect Consulting is a different kind of company. Started in 2003 by industry veteran Steven James, Perfect Consulting is fusion of all the best in professional consultancy and software development that comes with two decades of working as a leading industry professional. Bringing together key individuals from the graphic design, mobile development and corporate IT sectors, We can offer the widest skill set of any independent consultancy with the expertise to tackle any problem.

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With over twenty years of professional software development experience, no other company can match our proven track record for delivering world class applications for some of the worlds leading companies. From developing military communications and encryption software for RACAL, cutting edge compiler technology for Microfocus, Borland/TopSpeed, and Designing best in class email cryptography. Perfect Consulting has shown time and time again that we have the pedigree to succeed.


Mobile development can be a minefield for any corporation. Aside from the problem of sourcing reliable development talent; there is the perennial problem of platform selection. Do you develope your App for Apple iOS, Android or both?.We can help by providing consultancy in the initial stages, help with design and software architecture during the planning stage, help during software development, and final help testing and accreditation. We also offer a comprehensive software audit facility for any legicy code you may have.


Web development has never been more exciting for the software professional or more daunting for the client. Web standards seem to change almost weekly, and technology can be out-of-date before the project goes live. You need help from a Company that is a head of the game when it comes to web standards, and a company that can predict the direction web technology will go next. We can help you select the right technology for your web project and ensure that you project stays current.


As the company name suggests we were established primarily as a professional consultants, expanding into other areas when our clients found it difficult to reliably source the skilled professional talents that their projects demanded.
What this means for you is that we have the unique ability to see your project from both ends, as a Consultant and as a Skill Provider. In our experience it’s the mismatch between these two knowledge bases that cause the majority of project failures.

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Steven James Steven has a background in software development and information systems. He has been at the forefront of technology since the 1980's. When not working or playing, he can usually be found immersed in learning something new.

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